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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gavin Degraw Memes

I just have too much fun making these!
Hope you All have the Merriest Christmas & Happiest of Holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inspired at Home

And indeedy I was. Right here, at home, sitting in front of the computer on Pinterest for what seemed like only minutes, when in "real life" was about 3 hours...But that's besides the point, you know you've done it too...So anyway, if you're at all engaged in social comunities & networks, you have seen the Ryan Gossling "Hey Girl" memes everywhere. Like the one I made below. They have them customized for everyone from the crafter, to the realtor and just stuff girls know. Anyway, I got to thinking, why does it have to be Ryan, necessarily?? Why can't I use my own celebrity-musical crush, Gavin Degraw? (don't get me wrong, I DO NOT mind seeing Ryan all over saying "hey girl") Anyway, You know him? If not, go listen now, Google him :)

Gavin says "Hey Babe" in my memes, though. Here are a few! Seriously, amusing :P I should be making Christmas Presents right now....Enjoy!