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Showing posts with label Kodak Easyshare. Show all posts

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pretty Pictures

Yay! I got a new camera! I finally upgraded from a 5mp to a 14mp. What a huge difference in picture quality! So, you know, like a little kid I went around taking pictures of everything ;P. Hope you have as much fun seeing them as I did taking them :)

The is a corner of the dining room

 View from the front door

Living room side table

 Jazz - those are her real lips, too :P
Chef 1 in dining room

 view into dining room

 Chef 2 in dining room

Apothecary jars <3

 Tip: For making a smaller room appear larger - use larger furniture. Yes, larger furniture, like you can see I've done.  Sometimes, lots of smaller furniture can make the room seem cluttered with no real flow. But, try not to cover your windows with the large furniture. Light is also, a factor in making a room feel more open and spacious.