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Showing posts with label home decor. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Antiques and Good Food - Mineola, TX

So, when you are in Mineola it is just about impossible not stop in one of the little antique shops or malls...You'll find all kinds of inspiration and goodies and of course, the best places to eat! Mmmm! Its fun to enjoy while visiting or just something to do if you live nearby..... Its every flea market lovers dream...
Here are a few of the booths and shops I enjoy when shopping Downtown Mineola!
Be sure to stop in next time and tell them you saw my blog post!

P.S. I Love you,
This is a newly opened shop that is perfect for the Shabby Chic lover in you.  The atmosphere is so cozy and sweet. Not to mention the shop owners are the friendliest. The girls have some beautiful furniture, that they actually antique/age themselves - you will find many treasures in this shop - so be sure to stop in a visit, I promise you'll love this sweet little shop. You can find them on Facebook, too!

Becky & Terri @ PS I Love You

Karen's Korner, at the corner of Broad and Johnson St.
This shop is soooooo cool! Its actually an antique mall - two stories with several little booths inside that have things from jewelry, candles, vintage linens and memorabilia and so much more to mention. Be sure you follow all staircases and peek into all the little hidden corners. Be sure to "Like" them on Facebook!
Shabby Chic-ness at Karen's Korner

East Texas Burger Co., & La Waffalata  & Antique mall attached
Ruben @ La Waffalata
The La Waffalata is a cute bakery and tea room style restaurant nestled between its brother East Texas Burger Company and the ----- antique mall. The Burger side is run by Ken Davis and La Waffalata by Debbi Davis. Debbi has had per hand in TV shows, a morning segment at the local news station, cookbooks and more. This company is very family oriented. They have great food, great atmosphere and is a must visit when you are in town.  You can order a burger from ETBC while sitting at the La Waffalata, that by the way, offers many gluten free menu options. My favorites are the Philly Steak and the Rueben. And as always, I love seeing Angela - she's the sweetest hugger you will ever meet.....PS. my hubs will probably be the guy on the grill when you order a burger. ;) So be sure to say hi and tell them you read this post!
Check them out on Facebook and their Website

These are only a couple of many many shops and restaurants to see and indulge in while in Mineola. If you have a favorite spot you want to share please comment below? Would you like to be a guest blogger?! Just message me!
Be sure to follow me on here, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. See you soon!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pretty Pictures

Yay! I got a new camera! I finally upgraded from a 5mp to a 14mp. What a huge difference in picture quality! So, you know, like a little kid I went around taking pictures of everything ;P. Hope you have as much fun seeing them as I did taking them :)

The is a corner of the dining room

 View from the front door

Living room side table

 Jazz - those are her real lips, too :P
Chef 1 in dining room

 view into dining room

 Chef 2 in dining room

Apothecary jars <3

 Tip: For making a smaller room appear larger - use larger furniture. Yes, larger furniture, like you can see I've done.  Sometimes, lots of smaller furniture can make the room seem cluttered with no real flow. But, try not to cover your windows with the large furniture. Light is also, a factor in making a room feel more open and spacious.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine, Valentine.

Happy Valentine's day! Hope today is a special day for you all! Not only is it Valentine's Day,  but it's my wedding anniversary, too. Woot Woot! So, I'm sure hubby will have a surprise for me and a yummy dinner in store. (I'm crossing my fingers for steak - he makes them so good)
In honor of the holiday, I decorated with this simple centerpiece made with a candy filled hurricane.  ( hawthorne hurricane can be found here) The possibilities are endless.

Tip: For making your small dining room appear larger, use a glass top table. I have a small dining room myself and I believe that if you use a glass top table, it opens up the space and makes it appear larger.If your vision is allowed to go through, it has an allusion that the space goes further than it would with a wood top table.

Happy Valentine's Day!
ps.  Tell me your most memorable Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome To My New Home

Thank you for joining me at my new blog home. I've been blogging for years and most frequently post @ Stitchin' Heaven, where my full time amazing job is. Although, I love what I do, so not sure I can call it work :). I've been a guest blogger along with a blog swapper!  I am so excited to now be a part of the willowhouse sisterhood. Thank you to my amazing sponsor, Carmen Hamilton @ Front Porch Welcome!
You know what else is so exciting for me & this blog and being a part of Willow House?  My husband and I just purchased our very firt home, in August. So, "Welcome To My New Home" has an even deeper meaning for me. 
I will use this place for design inspired by everything @ home, for the family, tips for your home and your life, giveaways (of course!) and insight...And to learn from you!
 So welcome! Stay while. Let me know what you think!

My intrigue with apothecary used in design has turned into an obsession! These jars are the best for bringing  hints of nature indoors and adding texture to any space.
xo ~niki