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Showing posts with label chili's. Show all posts

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Serene

I have always wanted an asian inspired cottage garden. (If you can picture that). There's just something about English Ivy and the scattered chaos of color like the piercing red of a Japanese Maple tree or the bridges & pagodas - that takes me to a compfy place.
Here's some inspiration I found online. Don't you  just love??
(click on the images for source credit)

And this inspires some great ideas for back yard entertaining.....

The following you can find in my store. :)

I am not a gardener (usually), I mean, I buy geraniums every year from the Auxillary, but that's about as good as I get...Oh, and I pull weeds. But as far as growing anything, I'v never had much luck. So, pray for me that I have success with this.  LOL
Does anyone have a good recipe for moulton lava cake?

I've been dying for one of these and Chili's is too far away ;P