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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Before & After

Ok, so if you've ventured out to lose weight and have been successful, you know that most commonly you are asked: "How did you do it?"....
Well, growing up, I was always super skinny. I was a size 0 when I got pregnant with my first daughter. Of course, 4 daughters later, including a set of twins, my body probably isn't capable of size 0 again, but I don't exactly have a desire to be that little either. I am now a proud size 8, 155 lbs and am 5'9. I don't want to be skinny. I want to be healthy. That is why I did this.
Now, let me tell you how I did it.....
For a little over 2 years I have been on an up and down weight loss-get-in-to-shape-feel better journey. I started out with the LoseIt app that is like a weigh loss social media network. It helps you count calories, record your progress and share. I love it! In 2011, when I first started, I was at 183lbs. I changed my eating eating habits, first, by dropping the Pepsi. Then making conscience decisions to move it, llitterally. Like, I would park farther away in the parking lot so I'd have to walk, or take the stairs instead of the elevator..Seriously, you'll notice a difference with such small changes. I then opened a business and well, for the next 10 months, I wasn't as active in pursuing my weight loss-get-in-to-shape-feel better journey. Being overweight, too, I suffered from acid reflux. It seemed like every night I would struggle with sleep because of the crazy heart burn I was having...Guess what?! Since I have lost the belly weight, I haven't had any trouble with heart bun - at all! Pretty nice if you know what I mean!
Alright, aside from kicking my Pepsi addiction, I of course, calorie count, and am very cautious of what goes into my body. I also workout now and when I can't I just make sure Im moving...I did Insanity (by Beachbody) I do Hip Hop Abs (Beachbody) to throw in a mix, I have done Zumba, going to the gym, and am actually doing the 21 Day Fix right now (message me if you wanna know more about it). If you can tell, I like change and to mix up my routines. I get bored easily, but not only that, with having a family and a full time job, I can't always commit to one type of workout. Just keep in mind that as long as you are consistent and careful with what you put in your body, you can be successful.
Here's me: 2011 & 2014

Subscribe for tips, tricks, recipes, workouts and advice I have found helpful in my journey. Not everyone is the same, so we won't all have the same results, but I hope that with providing you with weekly meals, exercise plans, grocery lists and recipes, we can work together for a healthier more energetic and productive you!
I just started the 21 Day Fix - I will be posting my progress! And please, please ask me anything!

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