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Showing posts with label decorating. Show all posts

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Serene

I have always wanted an asian inspired cottage garden. (If you can picture that). There's just something about English Ivy and the scattered chaos of color like the piercing red of a Japanese Maple tree or the bridges & pagodas - that takes me to a compfy place.
Here's some inspiration I found online. Don't you  just love??
(click on the images for source credit)

And this inspires some great ideas for back yard entertaining.....

The following you can find in my store. :)

I am not a gardener (usually), I mean, I buy geraniums every year from the Auxillary, but that's about as good as I get...Oh, and I pull weeds. But as far as growing anything, I'v never had much luck. So, pray for me that I have success with this.  LOL
Does anyone have a good recipe for moulton lava cake?

I've been dying for one of these and Chili's is too far away ;P

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pretty Pictures

Yay! I got a new camera! I finally upgraded from a 5mp to a 14mp. What a huge difference in picture quality! So, you know, like a little kid I went around taking pictures of everything ;P. Hope you have as much fun seeing them as I did taking them :)

The is a corner of the dining room

 View from the front door

Living room side table

 Jazz - those are her real lips, too :P
Chef 1 in dining room

 view into dining room

 Chef 2 in dining room

Apothecary jars <3

 Tip: For making a smaller room appear larger - use larger furniture. Yes, larger furniture, like you can see I've done.  Sometimes, lots of smaller furniture can make the room seem cluttered with no real flow. But, try not to cover your windows with the large furniture. Light is also, a factor in making a room feel more open and spacious.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine, Valentine.

Happy Valentine's day! Hope today is a special day for you all! Not only is it Valentine's Day,  but it's my wedding anniversary, too. Woot Woot! So, I'm sure hubby will have a surprise for me and a yummy dinner in store. (I'm crossing my fingers for steak - he makes them so good)
In honor of the holiday, I decorated with this simple centerpiece made with a candy filled hurricane.  ( hawthorne hurricane can be found here) The possibilities are endless.

Tip: For making your small dining room appear larger, use a glass top table. I have a small dining room myself and I believe that if you use a glass top table, it opens up the space and makes it appear larger.If your vision is allowed to go through, it has an allusion that the space goes further than it would with a wood top table.

Happy Valentine's Day!
ps.  Tell me your most memorable Valentine's Day.