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Showing posts with label focus. Show all posts

Monday, January 18, 2016

3 Ways to Stay Focused

Oh lawd, can I tell you a thing or two about staying focused errr better yet, how NOT to stay focused.......Squirrel!
I'm definitely a creative mind - I go from one thing to the next being inspired and motivated to losing that mojo and vegging in front of the TV in defeat from lack of whatever it is you need to stay focused or rather because the new season of New Girl is out...... lol Either way, I have vowed to do it....I have so many big goals that in order to get them done and not look back in a year at how far I could be...I'm putting these three things into strict practice:

1.  Write it down and make an inspiration board
I have always written my goals and I usually do it over and over, several times...with revisions almost every time...and that ok. Except, I'd lose sight of that list and forget about some great things I wrote down that I wanted to accomplish but didnt....So, to fix that - I have a composition book labeled "2016" . In here I have daily, weekly, monthly up to 5 years goals jotted down along with my weekly/monthly budget planned out for 6 months. This helps me know what I need to save and what to expect ahead. Again, this list changes and gets edited, but for the most part, I know what I can and cannot spend and how long before I get to where I'm going.
The inspiration board - this is an old hack but I jacked it while watching Happy Endings on Hulu. All those newspaper, magazine, photos, menus, etc. that Ive hoarded through the years and for those to come, Im putting on the board. This board is a trifold (You can find them at Dollar Tree) - so I have it broken down to  1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals for now.....

2.  Get off your phone! (and other devices)
Seriously, I don't have my phone anywhere near me when Im working on a project. I turn the ringer up so I can hear if anyone calls, but I have turned off all notifications so Im not tempted to read an email, text or see what my neighbor posted on Facebook. Then my laptop is super slow, so having social media tabs open just slows it down even more.  I have up my necessary sites and work offline whenever possible while Im needing to focus on whats in front of me. I promise you - all the distractions can wait and you will be so proud to discover what you can accomplish without all that temptation.

3.  Get Comfy
Take off your shoes, put on your favorite music or none at all, get yourself some hot tea or whatever you like and a snack to much on.  I have found that when I need to focus, I need to be comfortable, too. Even if Im not at home, I take my shoes off, pull one leg under my thigh, and get comfy! It allows you to relax, therefore enabling you to focus on whats in front of you.

I could go on to about 50 things for this list, but for now, I think these 3 should help you get focused at any time of day.  
Do you have a ritual or certain things you do to get and stay focused on whatever you're working on? Please leave me a comment or send me a message! And as always, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! 
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Talk soon!